Products We Love

Every resin artist has their tried and tested supplies. Wether you're just starting out or a seasoned resin artist, you can never have enough supplies. Below are a few of our favourites to help you along your way. 



Art Resin

We've tried others. But none match up to Art Resin. With fewer VOCs and its non-yellowing qualities, you just can't beat it. 

Geode Moulds

These moulds last us about 20 pours (and we love ourselves some heat gun action). Plus who doesn't love supporting small businesses?


4" Round Moulds

These poor moulds see it all. And while they don't last as long as The Nerdy Birdy's geode moulds, they work for us! 

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Mixing Cups

We need clear and we need measurements down the side. Pixiss has been our go to since day one. 

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Stirring Sticks

We started with wooden painters and craft sticks. But we were sick of the waste. So we turned to silicone. Once you're done pouring, clean them off with some rubbing alcohol and a microfibre cloth and reuse them time and time again!

Shop Silicone Paddles
Shop Silicone Brushes (best for flood coats)
Shop Colorberry 4Ever Sticks (don't even bother cleaning these. The resin snaps right off once it's cured which is THE BEST)

Mica Powders

Meyspring, meypsring, gorgeous meyspring. That's all we have to say on the matter. 



| | |    TOOLS


This is HANDS DOWN the most important tool you can ever own as a resin artist. We don't go a day without using them and make it a habit to change the filters every six months. And if you can breathe in this, you'll be an underwater snorkelling pro if we ever get to grace warm waters again. 


Butane Torch

We started out with Dremel. It died on us mid pour. So we did a quick run to Bed, Bath and Beyond to pick up the only equivalent that was in stock locally. And this thing stands the test of time. Seriously, it never dies. 

BonJour Butane Crème Brûlée Torch

Heat Gun 

H loves this thing. It's seriously hardcore and while a few moulds are lost in the making, bubbles don't stand a chance! 

Wagner Furno 300

Dremel Rotary Tool 

Be it sanding or polishing, our lovely little Dremel hardly gets a resin. It's been a saviour since we bought it. 

Dremel Dual-Speed Corded Rotary Tool

Air Quality Monitor

No matter how hard you try, the VOCs are ever-present. While we work in the garage, the pesky little chemicals always find their way in. So we keep an eye on the air quality monitor to make sure we're not doing lasting damage from prolonged exposure. 


Air Purifier

When the air gets bad, this baby goes on overtime. It has the added benefit of ensuring you wake up with clear sinuses in the morning. Which we like.