we are thistle & hyde



Our journey into the world of resin art started not long after lockdown began. As COVID-19 battered the world around us and forced us indoors, we needed to find an outlet to plug the energy we otherwise engaged in socialising and traveling.

Our curiosity over this art form had been building for a few months and we decided to take the leap. We spent hours researching on Instagram, YouTube, and various websites for information on how to create different effects, how to safely and correctly conduct our pours, and how we could convey our vision into functional art. We were lucky to have this time to explore a new craft, especially since we two sisters were living over 3,000 miles away before lockdown (one in London, and one in Connecticut). Not everyone has the luxury to explore a new artform in the midst of a pandemic. Equally, not all sisters have the chance to re-connect and work together creatively for the first time as adults. Our project was beset by increasingly difficult circumstances for both of us as sisters. Hannah was diagnosed with a difficult condition in late 2019 which meant that increasingly she was unable to spend any time exposed to UV light without suffering severe consequences. Retreating to our improvised garage workshop was a godsend. Then, as summer gave way to fall, Judith also received a difficult diagnosis, and required back surgery that left her incapacitated just as Thistle & Hyde was begining to take off. 

As both our medical needs stabilized, and as the world starts to regain a sense of normality, our new challenge is to continue this adventure in resin art.

One of the beautiful things about resin is its endless possibilities. Influenced by so many external factors and chemical reactions, each pour is different and your surroundings influence your work.

Resin pours are wonderful, exhilarating, and hard work. But in the end we're able to create beautiful works of functional art that you can interact with in your homes.

We’d love to hear from you and see your products out 'in the wild'. Please tag us in your posts (@thistlehydeart) or email us at any time. Our contact email is thistle.hyde@hotmail.com.

Lots of love, H & J